Celeste and Babar & Hand Lettering


Babar is a strange story especially for kids. The story has the death of Babar’s mother by poachers and the death of the King of Elephants by eating a bad mushroom. Babar also happens to marry his cousin… Celeste. As strange as the book is, it has been a favorite around our house.

When Elsa was born, we received the Babar book and a stuffed animal Babar. Elsa loved the story, but she never liked the suited elephant with spats.

A few years later, Celeste was born. She has adored Babar from the get go. She sleeps with Babar every night. Throughout the day the girls play and play with their toys and Babar sometimes “accidentally” falls behind dressers or bookcases and gets lost. When bedtime rolls around, I get to spend a lot of time trying to locate Babar since Celeste has to have her stuffed animal to sleep with.


This is my first attempt at hand lettering and creating illustrations with adobe illustrator.  The image goes along with my story today about my daughter and her love of Babar.

Lately I have been trying to get better at Adobe Illustrator. I am hoping to pick up some work as a freelance illustrator/designer. I have also been practicing my skills with hand lettering and vectorizing it with adobe illustrator. I first found out about hand lettering a few years ago by watching a video on Mary Kate McDevitt. I may start to include some of my hand lettering work on this site as I continue to practice it.


As far as upcoming books, I am currently working on a new book. The book will have a Christian theme, but will not be part of my Creation Series. This will be a stand alone book. I will continue my Creation Series beginning of 2018. I plan to have my new book available soon after Thanksgiving 2017.