Elsa and Celeste – Stroller

After loading the girls in the stroller, we head to the park for some fun in the sun!

“Daddy! I hate the stroller… I want to walk… Please let me walk.” Elsa begins to plea about a block into our walk.

“I want to walk too,” Celeste chimes in.

“Just sit still for a little longer. Tomorrow we will walk to the library No stroller.” I promise the girls.

Along with the birds singing and leaves rustling in the breeze, the girls continue to chant “We want to walk! We want to walk!”

Luckily, the park is only a few blocks away. As soon as the park comes into sight, the chanting abruptly changes to “Park, Park, Park!”

After an hour at the park, we head home accompanied by the chant “We want to walk!”


Breakfast finished, teeth brushed, and girls dressed, time to head to the library.

“No stroller, you promised!” Elsa insist.

“We are going to walk.” I reassure little Elsa.

About a block into our walk, Celeste turns to me and says “I don’t want to walk. Carry me please.”


Celeste is only about 30 lbs, so I pick her up and we continue our journey to the library. Another two blocks down and Elsa says, “I’m tired, please carry me too.”


My arms begin to get tried from holding Celeste, so I had to put her on the ground. Like usual she lifts her feet to try to keep me from putting her down.

You girls need to walk. You both told me that you did not want the stroller.

The girls begin a new chanting again.

“Daddy, you should have brought the stroller today.” Elsa scolds.


Elsa (5), Celeste (3)


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