Elsa and Celeste – GO AWAY

“Daddy! Mommy! Look at all the people down stairs!” Elsa yells as she comes running into the living room.

Looking out the window, I see a large group of patrons at the bike shop downstairs. Everyone is laughing and talking while holding a drink and a small plate of food.

We live in a multi-use building. Half of our building is for residential use and half of the building is for commercial purposes. From early Spring until Fall, the bike shop is one of the most popular destinations for the lively biking community here in Colorado.

“What are they doing down there?” Elsa ask with a confused look on her face.

“It looks like they are having some kind of celebration.” I tell her.

With the party still going strong at 8:30, my wife and I begin to get Elsa and Celeste ready for bed. Once PJs are on, we take the girls to our room to read some Laura Ingalls. We are about half-way through “Little Town on the Prairie.” This series of books is entertaining to my wife and I while also serving the purpose of putting the girls right to sleep. Celeste is quickly out like a light.

The party is still in full blast, so through the walls we hear the low murmur of people talking and laughing. Elsa, being very curious, decides to run to the large sliding glass window in the living room to check out what is going on downstairs.

“Elsa, just see what is happening and then come right back to bed.”

“Okay, I will be right back.”

At 9:30, while reading about Almanzo Wilder and the 4th of July horse race, my wife and I jump when we hear a yell coming from the living room, “GO AWAY!”

I run to the living room to see what’s happening with Elsa. Elsa, standing on the back porch with the sliding glass window open, yells again to the party patrons below.

“Elsa, do not yell at them. Let them enjoy their party.”

“But, I cannot goto sleep because they are too noisy”

Around 10:45, still hearing a few murmurs from the dissolving party, Elsa finally drifts off to dreamland.


Elsa (5) & Celeste (3)

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