Life Out Of Life

“Daddy! Mommy! Wake up! The sun is up, let’s go see everyone,” Elsa exclaims as she jumps with excitement.

I rub my eyes as I search for my glasses on the nearby table. The sunshine is bright and streaming through the semi-transparent currents. The rest of the house is completely silent.

Not yet opening her eyes, Celeste rolls over and plops her thumb into her mouth as she makes a low moan.

“Daddy! It is time to wake up!,” Elsa yells again as she jumps on the bed.

Yesterday we had just made a 17 hour trip from Colorado to Texas to visit my sister-in-law. Along with us as company, my sister-in-law also had her parents visiting (Celeste and Elsa’s Grandparents). The grandparents slept in the room next to us. Even though the girls were able to nap on the trip, my wife and I did not. Waking up early was not on our agenda this morning.

I listen again to see if anyone else was awake yet… Not a peep.

“Elsa, everyone is still asleep. lay down on your pallet with Celeste and let’s sleep a little longer”, I insist.

“Daddy, I cannot go back to sleep. I am not tired anymore!,” Elsa says as she stomps her foot.

“You can be awake, but you have to stay in the room with us until everyone in the house is up.”

“Daddy! I have to leave this room. I don’t want to be in here anymore.”

“Elsa, come lay down beside me,” my wife says as she pats the covers beside her.

“I’m not tired! I want to see mimi and grandpa”

“Elsa, just relax and lay down for a little longer.”

“Oh Daddy! You are taking life out of life!”

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