Homeschool Art Project – Emotion

Art Project – Emotion

In today’s homeschool art project we are going to show emotion in our art.  Conveying emotion in artwork is something which artist have strived for for centuries.  We are going to utilize the same lines we created in our Line Project two weeks ago in order to convey an emotion.

Decide what emotion you would like to represent: joy, fear, anger, sadness, etc.  With fear and anger you may want to use sharp jagged lines.  With Joy you can utilize more fun and free flowing curved lines, loops, and circles.  Simple downward sloping lines can be a great way to show sadness.  These are just a few samples feel free to experiment and make your own designs.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Sheet of Paper
  • Pencil, Marker, or Crayon
  • Ruler

(1) Start with a blank sheet.

(2) Sketch out your design with a pencil.  You can use stencils if they help convey your message, similar to last weeks Stencil Project.  With my artwork, I am trying to convey joy.  I use a lot of circles and movement.  I also have areas that are shaped like the tops of circus tents.  What is more joyful than a circus?

(3) Now you can outline your image with marker or pen.  I like to use a micron pen size .25mm.
Once you are done outlining your picture, you can go back and add color with watercolor or crayon.

Next week we will wrap up these line projects with a final drawing which we will bring together everything we have learned over the past few weeks.



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