Fall Fashion Show

**Sometimes I will just post short stories about my daughters.  Since my oldest daughter loves frozen and my youngest daughter loves Babar, I will name my girls Elsa and Celeste in these stories.**

Paper and markers spewed all over the floor. Rolls and Rolls of prints and designs sat upright on their sides in the corner of the room. Soft measuring tape, rulers, and pastel colored crayons litter the ground.

The general, Elsa, barks out orders to her army of one “Celeste! Bring me a yellow crayon! No! No! Not Babar! I said a yellow crayon!”

Three-year-old Celeste freezes and sticks her thumb into her mouth and begins rubbing her belly button with her opposite hand. This is her default move when she does not know what else to do.

“Uhhh…. I will get the crayon myself,” Elsa states as she throws down a green crayon and reaches a few inches to her right for the precious yellow commodity.

“Daddy, don’t step there!” Elsa cries as my foot grazes a sheet of paper. “Baddie Daddy! You are going to ruin my Fall Fashion Show!,” Elsa says as I continue to navigate the paper mine field.

This all started a few weeks ago when we checked out “Fancy Nancy: Spring Fashion Fling” from our library. Elsa and Celeste had me read the book over and over and over to them. Elsa loved the whole idea of designing dresses and putting on a show.

Coincidentally, her mother just brought home a large roll of paper for the girls to share. It did not take long for Elsa to decide what to use the paper for. So, we now have paper spread out everywhere while the aspiring fashion designer meticulously works on her creations.

Since Elsa is a typical 21st century child and does not have Ma Ingalls teaching her needle work, there is not much hope for the young designers creations coming to fruition…. At least anytime soon. I guess the Fall Fashion Show will mainly be artistic representations of her fashion designs.



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