The Fifth Day Winged Creatures


“The Fifth Day Winged Creatures” is the second book in my creation series.  This book explores the beautiful winged creatures God created on the fifth day of creation.  Like my first book, “The Fifth Day Sea Creatures,” this book has a double page spread for each of the winged creatures on the review page.  The pictures are accompanied with a single descriptive word.

My goal with these books is to show how special all of God’s creations are.  Look for “The Fifth Day Winged Creatures” to be released in early July 2017.

Until then, check out a few pages from the book below.




If you have not seen my first book “The Fifth Day Sea Creatures,” check it out below.

Thank you for reading! Please check out my recent Children’s picture Book “The Fifth Day Sea Creatures.” The 32 page book is the first in a series I am working on to explore the seven days of creation. this book highlights the majestic sea creatures God created on the fifth day of creation. The book is designed for young children, but the pictures can be enjoyed by everyone.